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Here are some popular sports teams that have their own rings:

-Stanford University football players wear the Stanford Ring. It is made out of yellow gold and features an open book with the words “Stanford” on it.

-The New York Yankees players wear the Yankee Clipper Ring. It is made out of white gold and has a diamond encrusted “NY” logo on it.

-Some professional American football teams wear championship rings to commemorate their victory in the Super Bowl game.

A graduation ring is a great way to remember your college days. It is a popular fashion statement that students use to further show their individuality.

A graduation ring is worn on the thumb of the left hand, and it can also be worn on either side of the thumb. It has a large logo engraved on it which typically identifies the school or institute that the graduate attended, or an important date from their time there.

Graduation rings are not only for graduates of colleges and universities, but also for graduates of different organizations such as military academies, trade schools, flight schools, etc.

The custom engraving feature allows you to have your initials or name engraved on the band so that you always have something personal with you.

The sterling silver ring is the perfect accessory for someone who is on the go. It is small, lightweight, and can be carried anywhere without adding any extra weight to your bag or purse.

We offer custom engraving so you can customize it with personal details like your favorite quote, your favorite sports team’s logo, or even a personal symbol or logo.

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